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Who We Are

Member Institutions

University of Virginia

Gladys Andino Headshot

Gladys Andino

Michele Co Headshot

Michele Co

Karsten Siller Headshot

Karsten Siller

George Mason University

Rupa Kalidindi Headshot

Rupa Kalidindi

Jayshree Sarma Headshot

Jayshree Sarma

Helen Wang Headshot

Helen Wang

Virginia Tech

Mark Gardner Headshot

Mark Gardner

Haley Michel Headshot

Haley Michel

Eric Walter Headshot

Eric Walter

Heather Baier Headshot

Heather Baier

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Gracie Chiu Headshot

Grace Chiu

University of Richmond

George Flanagan

Old Dominion University

Dani Urjita Headshot

Urjita Dani